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Play Legacy or OSRS and know very little about EoC combat

I am going to explain this as if you usually play Legacy or OSRS, and know very little about EoC combat. If you know most of this, great, and please understand I'm not trying to talk down to you.

For a very basic setup, you'll want to set up your Magic ability bar with your Basic abilities on the left, with the Threshold abilities in the middle, and one or two Ultimates on the right.

EoC combat

Set your combat mode to Revolution by clicking Esc > Gameplay > Combat Settings, then clicking "Revolution" in the upper left corner, under Combat Mode.

Set your spell by right-clicking the appropriate spell in the Magic tab, and setting it to Autocast.

Now go kill some stuff. As you do, the Basic abilities will fire in the order you lined them up as. As your adrenaline builds, the Threshold abilities will become available, and finally the Ultimate(s). You will need to manually fire the Threshold and Ultimate abilities- you do this by either clicking them with your mouse, or more efficiently, pressing the appropriate key on your computer keyboard (if you have a Threshold ability in the #6 slot, for example, press 6 on your keyboard to fire that ability). 

As you get more proficient, you can rearrange your ability bar to suit your style. For example, some people drag a potion or a piece of food into the ability bar, and trigger it whenever they want to pot up or eat. You can also manually fire the Basic abilities, which is more efficient and builds your adrenaline faster than if you count on Revolution to fire automatically. There are lots of guides for setting up ability bars for certain situations.

As for Detonate- that's a two stage ability. First, you trigger it, and then it begins to build a charge. The effect grows stronger over 6 seconds, so you want to wait as the charge builds before triggering the Detonate ability a second time. That's when you (hopefully) get a strong attack. I say "hopefully", because like every attack, there's a chance you will miss.

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