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Osrs gold making guide via Fast Runecrafting Xp

Oldschool Runescape runecrafting xp on osrs gold is really slow and very tedious, It needs better xp and more options to train. During pre eoc runecrafting was a bit easier.

Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Add the runecrafting gloves that used to be in fist of guthix. Add them as a reward shop to castle wars or last man standing, they grant double xp while wearing , lasts a certain amount of essence.

2. Give a chance for double runes up to the level required. In pre eoc you had a chance to make multiple runes up to the required level For example for nature runes It would scale someting like this. lvl 60 rc- 70 % of double nats, lvl 70 rc- 80% chance of double nats, lvl 80 rc - 90% of double nats on each essence., etc.

3. ZMI altar- lets you runecraft all diferent runes at once.

4. Add something like runespan, so the xp rates gets boosted and players can have a fun way to train.

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Osrs gold making guide via Fast Runecrafting Xp [09/09/2016]

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