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Osbuddy is pretty much from Jagex

Osbuddy introduced OpenGL which makes the sky blue instead of black. Renders OSRS on multiple cores. That way it renders more distance and now basicly you can click on runecrafting altars from the bank you're standing in. It also has some graphic enhancements and smoothening.


Dude, anyone that is at all knowledgeable about OSRS and pc hardware knows that OSRS is an extremely unoptimized and old fashioned game engine. OSBuddy has a new update that enables multi-core usage and GPU usage. Before, OSRS only runs on 1 core poorly even if you have a high end PC it can dip easily.

RS3 looks much better than OSRS and performs better doing, for example.

So, if you actually do research or try it yourself you would know he is telling the truth. However, I personally don't find it that big of a deal. Jagex commented on the matter as not currently bannable for the much bigger view distance allowing you to click options on objects like altars/doors/Etceteria. But, they are talking about editing the engine so those options will no longer appear from that distance but still be viewable. 

Very true about the panic and dump statement. I totally agree with that. That's how so many items fluctuate so quickly(and many popular youtubers had previously taken advantage for a huge subscriber population to inflate/deflate item prices for their own profit.

Honestly, while the original client doesn't offer the new benefits of OSBuddy, Jagex wishes they had the team to do it themselves with game engine. OSBuddy doesn't mess with your game, it merely overlays details on top of your game and detects info. If Jagex eventually overhauls the graphics engine then most of these benefits would have taken place anyways. Right now it's just a case of people thinking everyone or no one should have it.

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