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Oldschool Runescape Guide - Osrs gold making method for both f2p and p2p users

Hey, everyone, For my Osrs gold method, There 2 way on moneymaking, first is on FreeToPlay world and second in PayToPlay world

F2P Method:

Crafting Gold Amulet (u): Profit around 50-95gp each, 1Hours can get around 95-120k

Crafting Sapphire Necklace : Making 100-300gp 2007 runescape gold each Can used on P2P for x2 Profit when Enchant it.

Crafting Emerald ring : Profit almost same with Sapphire Necklace

P2P Method:

Gold Bracelet: Profit +5% than gold ammy (u)

Enchant Sapphire Neck -> Game Neck: If you make Sapphire Necklace yourself, Profit x2 , If you buy Sapphire Necklace at G.E and enchant them, profit around 500-900gp each, can reach 1k+ sometimes.

Enchant emeral ring -> Duel Ring : same as enchant sapp necklace

Making Cannonball : More profit If u do Blast Furnace making Steel Bar. But Please note, You need to Complete Dwarf Cannon Quest before you will be able to Make Cannonball. Quest just take 10-15minutes.

Runecrafting Nature Runes : Profit 200-400k osrs gold per hour depends on your RC lvl, For lvl50+ can reach 300-500k per hour because they can use Large Pouch :) #Please note, if u want more profit, i suggest you complete Heroes Quest so you can recharge your glory if you use Abys

For any Guide Help you can Straight PM me ingame by adding me. I'm online 6-8hours per days depends on time.

I hope you got a new tips. I've crafted more than 200k gold amulet on f2p and it took me 2years to get 8-90crafting

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