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Old School Runescape HD Graphical Client Thoughts

As you know by now, here at, we are huge fans of Runescape. As a matter of fact of all the games, we deal with. Old School Runescape Gold is still one of our biggest sellers. So there is clearly still a huge fan base for this game.

Many of us love the old school charm that OSRS provides and think that the dated graphics are a huge part of that charm. It is, after all, called Old School Runescape so we are not sure why people would want it to look like Runescape 3. But evidently there was a fairly decent amount of people that did want improved graphics and someone in the community stepped up and made a client that would give Old School Runescape, for lack of a better term an HD makeover. The graphics could be improved and some people were very happy about this.

Well as you can see by this post on the Official Old School Runescape Forum, Jagex clearly were not keen on this and as a result have decided not to support the client. To be fair to them they do give a few very good reasons as to why and we can get behind that. But there are some in the community who are not happy at all. Some want the option to have improved graphics with some people saying that Jagex should offer both where you can switch between the old style graphics and the new client at will.

OSRS Graphical Client Update

We love players having a choice, but we think that Jagex is right here. The point of Old School Runescape is that it is old school in both its gameplay and graphics so we can see why they came up with the decision they did. But we would still love to hear what you guys think. Were Jagex right to not approve this? Or do you think they should have embraced it?

Let us know your thoughts and be sure to have a look at our special offers on fast osrs gold.

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