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Old School RuneScape and Runescape 3 both have their strong points

Sucks to see the amount of hate the OSRS(Old School RuneScape) community has towards the game though. Even though 95% of them have probably never even tried the game in its recent state. Please don't judge the game just off videos. Actually play the game for yourself before judging it.

For those saying "RS3 looks like bad" (visually), Tim was playing in the lowest possible settings to make it look as similar to OSRS as he could (which is fine), but this isn't how the game truly looks.

I personally enjoy playing both games, as they both have their strong points.

Deathbeard's Demise

- Most of us can probably agree PvP is pretty subpar on RS3, but that's what I enjoy hopping on OSRS for.

- PvM is definitely much more enjoyable on RS3 (in my opinion) though once you get into it, as it's much more intricate than it is on Old School RuneScape.

- Skilling... yes, RS3 skilling is much easier than it is on OSRS. That can be seen as a negative and/or positive depending on how you look at it. I can list them.

- And the economy differences... RS3 has had the same economy for 15 years now. OSRS has had their economy for only what... 3 years or so now? Obviously the gp value between them is going to be noticeably different.

It's not an easy transition from Old School RuneScape to Runescape 3, but put the time into it and you may actually enjoy it. If not, well at least you gave it a fair chance before judging it.

Stay with for more gameplay view and tricks and Runescape Gold and items. Just wanted to express my view based on all the hate in the comments.

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