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Old School RuneScape: Making Money in Combat

There are a lot of ways you can make a quick bit of cash in Old School RuneScape, but a lot of them centre around some of the more dull and uninteresting aspects of making some serious bank in the game. To combat this, we've decided to put together a small guide that will suggest some of the best ways to make some gold in Old School RuneScape – using nothing more than combat abilities to get you those stacks of cash!

Old School RuneScape Making Money in Combat


One of the best ways to make money, using solely combat to gain you riches – especially in the cases of being a free-to-play player – is by hunting and slaying the Ankous. These guys can be found primarily in the fourth floor of the Stronghold of Security. After you get acquainted to these fellows for some time, you'll quickly come to realise that the amount of osrs gold they can earn you an hour is around 120,000 and that doesn't even require you to be at your computer the entire time. Since these guys are aggressive all on their own, they will start taking swings at you without you even needing to start up a fight. Unfortunately, this is best done in short bursts or at the very least, have some way to keep checking on your health at times because if you die, it'll end up being a fair waste of time that won't help you out in the long run of things.


For these guys, they are located inside the Armadyl's Eyrie in the God Wars dungeon and from there you're going to encounter a fair amount of this an hour. Providing your equipment, stats, and levels are all up to snuff, you shouldn't have too many problems dealing with these guys. They can hit for a fair amount, but if you come equipped with some decent gear and a nice stack of food, you can earn well-over 200,000 gold per hour – depending on your overall speed at slaying.


Of all the ones on this list this is one of the more lower-end ones, but it seemed necessary because it can apply to literally anyone who chooses to play this game; be it for the first time or as a F2P player or even a member, it doesn't matter as it is still rather effective in the early game. What you're going to want to do is head towards the north-east of Lumbridge to find a farm and start hunting some chickens. They won't put up any kind of a fight and you're going to need to keep running to the Grand Exchange to sell the items as you see fit, but overall you can earn 20,000 gold in an hour. In comparison to all of the other methods it is a lot slower, but for a F2P player to make some decent bank in the early game.

Red Dragons

The Red Dragons can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon and depending on what they drop, their average profit for each individual slain is just over 5,000 gold. You keep all this up for about an hour, slaying and selling drops as they come along, you're eventually going to be making 230,000 gold an hour if you can keep up with it all. For these guys, however, some decent ranged equipment might be a good decision, just so you can get some easier hits on them before they get too close and melt your armour a little bit.

Lava Dragons

Lava Dragons are some of the most potent mobs you can slay for some serious cash in this game, but they are also some of the most dangerous to try and hunt, due to the fact that they are located deep in the Wilderness – where you can actually be killed by other players. Even with this threat in the back of your mind, be sure to realise that providing you've got the right equipment on-hand, these Lava Dragons can net you an easy profit of 800,000 gold an hour. They may be in an incredibly hostile area, but the sort of reward they give you for the risk is something that no high-level player is going to snuff out – not in the slightest!

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