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Old School RuneScape – Perfect Guide for Beginners

Over the years, RuneScape has changed quite drastically, and while many people have managed to adapt with the changes; there's always the classic servers known as "Old School RuneScape." In terms of popularity, OSRS is of a higher notoriety, but there doesn't appear to be many guides online to get beginners to hit the ground running – hence the creation of this one to improve your Old School RuneScape experience exponentially.

Cows, Goblins, Chickens, etc…

In RuneScape, there's a lot of different enemies that you're going to come across, but at the beginning of the game you're mostly going to come in contact with cows, goblins, chickens, and a couple of other things that aren't quite as important. Use their high numbers to your advantage, especially when it comes to the cows and the chickens because the sort of loot that they can drop per hour is the sort of thing that's really going to kick-start your career in this game.

Doing this is a net-profit across the board, as you're attack skill will go up as a result of fighting them all and then by the end of it, you've got a few items you can use for certain skills or you can simply sell them in bulk for a tidy profit.

runescape beginners guide 2007

Pick Up Everything

This is one of those things that you'd think would be engrained into your hand by now if you've ever played MMO's before, but everyone gets to that point where they don't want to pick something up because it's nothing more than a measly couple of gold. While these small amounts may be nothing more than a drop in the ocean, with every hour it accumulates to 50-100 gold lost at the very start of your character's lifespan. Once your level starts to get higher and you go up against stronger enemies, the items they're going to drop increase in value and that average amount of money lost will only continue to grow more and more.

So, for the sake of not letting thousands upon thousands worth of old school runescape gold despawn, I would recommend pretty much picking up everything you can – especially when it comes to gold.

Alternate Between Training Skills

There are a lot of skills for you to tackle in RuneScape and trying to do them all at once is bound to give you a bit of a headache just thinking about it. To avoid this, I recommend picking something simple to start off with, like fishing so that you can support yourself with healing items during combat. On top of fishing, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and cook the fish as well; that way you're increasing both stats side-by-side. After a while, switch out to something like mining and smelting, as these are skills that you don't need to train as quickly to start making some serious bank.

At times it can get a bit tedious, but when you look at your bank account by the end of the day, I can assure you that you won't be complaining.

Talk to NPC's

MMO players have a tendency to skip NPC's altogether and just go straight for the loot or the quest on hand, but at times in RuneScape you're going to want to talk to NPC's. Some NPC's may surprise you with a good chunk of information on a quest that you didn't already know about; they may even tell you about some locations few know about to provide you with some nice riches. Obviously, if you don't ask, you won't get, so feel free to talk to pretty much any NPC in the game. The likelihood of them laying their hands on you is about 1%, but that doesn't mean they're all harmless – although, to be fair, those NPC's are relatively dumb enough to announce in the conversation that they have the full intentions of starting a fight with you once the conversation is over; keep an eye out for that.

Upgrade your Gear

As with any game, especially of this genre, you're going to need to upgrade your equipment every now and again; even more so when you've just started out. I can fully understand that you don't want to spend your hard-earned money on this equipment, but think of it as an investment for the long-haul. With better equipment on-hand, you  can take on tougher adversaries and that's going to lead to even more valuable items for you to sell and make that cash back in a mere few hours – probably even shorter than that.

By the end of your purchase, just remember this: your character is going to look a whole lot cooler and more epic as a result of this new purchase!

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