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Old School RuneScape – 10 Tips That are Bound to Make you Rich

For fans of the original version of RuneScape, they were relieved when it was announced a number of years ago that there were going to be dedicated servers specifically for that style of play. As with such a change, there have been a bunch of various tips and tricks to earn some serious cash in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and as a result, I've decided to put together a quick list of 10 of the best tips that you can use to start making some decent Osrs gold.

Old School RuneScape

1: Mining

Mining is a noble profession and in RuneScape it is quite the profitable one. When you first start out you can only really go for iron, coal, and steel, but they can sell for a fair amount after smithing them into bars. Once you've managed to acquire a few more levels, get mining specifically on runite, as they are bound to make you more than a pretty penny. Just be sure to make use of your mining potions, at least that way you get even more of a pay-out for less work!

2: Fishing

Fishing is along the same sort of lines of mining, except you don't need to worry about running to another location to make the most out of your product, as the moment you get them they're pretty much at their full value already. Yes, it may take time to work up the skill to fish for some of the more profitable items, but earning cash can take time; before you know it, however, you're going to be selling sharks for a considerable amount of osrs gold.

3: Clue Scrolls

When it comes to clue scrolls they can be a little bit hit and miss at times, due to just how long it can take to find one every so often, but they average out to about one every 30 minutes – just by killing random NPC's and hoping that things pan out. After one finally drops, just follow it and do everything it tells you and before you know it you will be treated to a treasure trove of gold that you won't be disappointed by.

4: Sell in Bulk

Selling in bulk is a great way to turn your efforts into profit, depending on if you'd like to put the time in with other players. It doesn't particularly matter what the bulk set of items they are because there's always going to be someone out there that wants a bunch of that item, but doesn't quite want to put the effort in getting them all. In these cases you can completely upsell the items as you see fit to eventually rope in a tidy profit.

Be warned – People will try and wean out the price a little bit for bulk items, so do your math before selling. Losing out on 100gp isn't too special, but if you're losing 5K with each sale, that quickly mounts up and makes making money not nearly as beneficial.

5: Flipping

Flipping is the process where you purchase an item, be it singular or in the form of bulk and then proceed to sell it for an increased profit. One of the best ways to do this is to look at some price guides online to see how certain items are doing on different worlds; all so you can purchase them cheaply from one place, only to upsell them for a considerable amount higher on another one.

6: Slaying Flesh Crawlers

This one is for fans of combat to scratch that money making itch and that is to go after a bunch of Flesh Crawlers; wherever you prefer to fight them. These mobs tend to drop items of value, such as runes and herbs and these items are well known to have a bit of a decent sale price on them. While this method won't get you millions in the long run, it's one of those tips to avoid the monotony of grinding away at something else – when you would much rather be doing some killing.

7: Fletching

Fletching is a great way to make some cash in OSRS and part of that is down to the fact that it isn't one of those skills you need to level very much to get the most out of it. To even start making money on it, all you have to do is bulk-buy some feathers and some oak-logs, make some cheap arrows in the form of headless arrows. After that, just sell some of the arrows at a bulk price and you've got your profit right there!

8: Picking Potatoes

I will admit, of all the options on here this seems to be the least interesting and the least entertaining, but it can net you some decent profit if you stick with it for long enough. After about an hour's worth of picking and selling potatoes you can make around 30K, possibly even more if you keep at it. While it may not be particularly glamorous, it's definitely a tangible way to earn some money, especially for those of you who are more towards the early game of things.

9: Cows and their Hide

Similar to picking potatoes, the hide that cows tend to drop can quickly amount to be relatively useful if you go and get them tanned. It won't take you long to get them all tanned and you can sell the tanned hide to others for a considerable surge in cash and that's simply by taking down pretty much any poor cow that decides to spawn near you.

10: Pick up Any and All Gold

You'd think this would be the most obvious, but funnily enough it's the one that people tend to ignore the most. I understand that while you may not want to tediously pick up every piece of gold that ever dropped from an NPC, but just think about how much gold that you might have ignored throughout all of your time in RuneScape? By any chance, is that a lot of gold?! Yeah, I thought it might be; hence why from here on out you should make sure not to ignore any gold left lying around, because while you might feel it doesn't amount to much – eventually it will and you'll feel a tad silly about leaving so much free cash behind.

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