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OSRS team is wondering why the armor has failed

Going to pop in and share my thoughts on this in the hopes that it and/or this thread will contribute to things moving forward. I personally would really like to see different rewards from raids so that's the biased lens that I'm bringing to this discussion.

OSRS armor

I'm sure there are other ways but I look at this most recent poll as one of two possible scenarios.

#1 OSRS team is wondering why the armor has failed and they are trying to get a feel for why it has been voted down. If there were small tweaks that could be made then they could just tweak it and add it but if we just flat don't want it then back to the drawing board. 

#2 They're going to try to shove the new armor down our throats

I'm really glad that they put the poll option for wanting entirely new raid rewards and I hope they really stare at that percentage number. I myself was pleasantly surprised at it and going by the poll it seems pretty clear we want something different from raids. 

Give us some sick weapons. Some kind of rapier? Just an idea...I always wanted one but stopped playing back in the day before I got one haha. I don't mean to cause arguments but I just want to share that I really dislike the current raid rewards. It it's epic end-game content then give us sick rewards. Don't give us a dragon sword that should have a neat, new quest for it (or a quest that needs a sequel), and don't give us awkward, unwanted armor that needs coins to be recharged. 

Cheers all and happy gaming

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