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OSRS Q&A March 2017

Hey guys there was recently a OSRS Q&A that had a lot of good information. There is a full transcript of this on Reddit or you can just watch the whole thing on YouTube. But as we are huge Runescape fans and always looking for that Runescape gold, we wanted to share a couple of things that caught our attention in this Q&A.

old school runescape Q&A March 2017

Raids: Ok so this was quite interesting to hear. Some people were frustrated in the way that players could bring in a ton of people to start a raid and then kick them out so that they get a ton of loot. This is something that will (or has been) fixed to where the loot you will get from a raid is now set to how many people are in the raid at all times so if people are kicked out the loot will change accordingly.

Inferno: One question people had was if Inferno would require all three combat styles. They kind of dodged this question and said that it is yet to be determined. But they did make mention of how the designed and balance is not finalized yet. In all honesty we do not mind how they go about this.

New Lobby: Some players have wanted to see the OSRS lobby updated, but this does not sound like it is going to happen as they said it would be a huge job to do. So it does not look like there is any major changes coming to the lobby anytime soon. 

There was some good info in this Q&A and for the most part we feel that they did answer any question that was thrown their way pretty fairly (except the Inferno one) what are some of the things that caught your eye in this OSRS Q&A?

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