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OSRS Prayer Training Guide

While most of you will be here to find the best place to buy OSRS gold in 2007RunescapeGold. We are sure you will find our easy to follow Prayer training guide very helpful. Prayer is not as complicated as people make it out to be and today we are giving you the need to know tips!

OSRS Prayer Training Guide

Use Quests To Get XP

There are some great quests that can give you XP. It is always a good idea to do quests for prayer experience as it will save money which in turn saves you having to find the best place to buy safe RS gold in 2007RunescapeGold.

The Restless Ghost: You will get 1125 XP for this quest and it is easy and does not take too long.

Priest In Peril: 1406 is the amount of XP you will earn and again it is very easy.

Ghosts Ahoy: 2400 is a nice amount of XP and it is not all that hard.

Holy Grail: You get a fantastic 11,000 XP here, but it is one of the harder quests.

Swan Song: You get 10,000 for this quest and it is the hardest out of these quests.

Spirits Of The Elid: A nice 8000 XP haul is waiting for you here and it is not even that hard.

Ectofuntus vs Gilded Altar: What Is Best To Reach Level 99?

These are what you will be using as you train prayer, but which one is better? You can start levelling up Prayer right from the start of the game! This is because you can use Ectofuntus and Gilded Altar from pretty much the start of the game.

Ectofuntus: Using Dragon Bones as an example, you can expect to make 70,000 XP per hour. The cost is fantastic as it is only 475,000 per hour. Also the cost per XP is just 6gp. So this way will not require you to have to find the best place to buy OSRS Gold in 2007RunescapeGold. While this is cheap it can take you 185 hours to reach level 99!

Gilded Altar: Again we are using Dragon Bones as our example. You get an incredible 270,000 XP per hour this way. But with that comes a higher per hour cost of 1,700,000gp per hour. Along with a slightly higher 7gp per XP cost. This may sound crazy expensive, but this is the better way as it only takes you 48 hours reach level 99. The time you save doing this can be used to make back the extra money you spent very easily. In the long run this way is much, much better.

What Bones To Use?

Dragon Bones or Big Bones are what you will be using, but what are the best bones to use? Do not worry just yet about where is the best place to buy OSRS Gold in 2007RunescapeGold. Instead check out what Bones you will need to help you reach level 99. We feel that Dragon Bones are the way to go. Big Bones will cost you a whole lot less, but Big Bones take over 200 hours whereas Dragon Bones only take 48 hours. So while the price is much higher. You can use the time you save to have fun by making that money back.

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