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OSRS Money Making Methods

While you can get Cheap Old School Runescape Gold deals right here on We also love to give you guys some money making tips that you can do in the game as well. Today we have some great OSRS money making methods that when done right can make you big money.

OSRS Money Making Methods

Killing Zulrah

Ok, so this does have a lot of requirements. You need ranged and magic armor, a ranged and magic weapon. You will also want to have runes so you can use Vengeance Spell. But if you can kill Zulrah and you can kill him 20 times in one hour then from the money it drops and the loot you can sell, you can get over 2 million per hour! It is not easy, but it is one of, if not the most profitable money making method in OSRS!

Baking Potatoes

Ok, so this is not the most exciting thing in the world to do in OSRS. But if you want something that is pretty damn easy and the only requirements are level seven cooking and also putting up a little money to buy some potatoes. Apart from this, you need nothing else. Just make sure that you are not using a fire, but a range as a fire will burn them. You can sell the baked potatoes and on average you can get 150,000 per hour.

Cleaning Grimy Avantoe

Ok so you will need a lot of money to do this, but the profit from when you mass clean Avantoe and then sell it is very, very nice. The key here is to work in bulk and sell a ton at a time, we know doing this requires a lot of capital, but it can be very worth it.

As always thanks for reading and we hope these money making methods can help you out. Just remember if you need some quick and easy OSRS Gold be sure to come to us and we will hook you up. 

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