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OSRS Halloween 2017 Guide

Hey, guys, it is the spooky season and that is why we have some terrifyingly low priced deals on OSRS Gold right now! But as well as that, today we are giving you the need to know in order to finish the Halloween 2017 quest. There is quite a lot to do so make sure you take your time following our guide.

OSRS Halloween 2017 Guide
What You Need?

Tomble Berries


Tin Ore

Vial Of Water

1- Go to Lumbridge Graveyard and talk to Grim Reaper to start the quest.

2- He will give you a Death Note now you need to click on all the ghosts around the area, while you are doing this make sure you get grain, pick berries and mine for ore if you do not have it already.

3- Once you have gotten all the ghosts and the items go to Varrock and talk to Apothecary who will give you a murky potion.

4- Head to the Zamorak Altar, use the Murphy potion on the altar and you will get a Spectral potion.

5- Use this Spectral potion on the ghost who is there that makes the potions.

6- There will be a short cutscene where you talk to the Grim Reaper. Once this is done run to the South and take the boat that is there and go to the building that is located North of the island.

7- In the building search the desk and you will get a Sapphire. There is a window that the moonlight is coming through. Use the Sapphire on that.

8- There is now a marked wall, use a bucket of water on it.

9- In front of the sofa there is a tattered book, pick it up and use it on the bookcase.

10- In the drawers next to the bookcase, search and you will find notes.

11- Clean the dirty walls around the area.

12- Perform the clap emote (this is not a joke, you actually have to do this)

13- Talk to Jarvis. Each time the dialogue is done, pour a bucket of water on him.

14- He will ask you where to trap Jonas, pick underwater as your option.

15- Take the boat to Wizards Tower where you will talk to Traiborn, pick the third option that he gives you.

16- You need to perform the spin, headbang and blow a kiss in that exact order. He will give you a Time Bubble when you do. Head back to the island you first got on the boat and go to the second dock. Jarvis is here and he will give you diving equipment.

17- Once you are in the water, Jonas can be found in the North West area. You need to drag him to North East and then to South East before taking him back to Jarvis. You lure Jonas by doing the raspberry emote. There will be a cut scène once this is all done.

18- Go back to the Grim Reaper and the task is done!

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