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OSRS Developer Q&A Reveals Dragonhide Leather Shields

In our dealings with you guys who are coming here to buy Old School Runescape Gold, we have been talking about the upcoming Dragonhide Leather Shields which just sound so cool!

Well recently the good folks at Jagex have done another Q&A and one of the things that has gotten people very excited was how they did a Dragonhide Leather Shields sneak peek (it is at around 20 minutes in the video) while not exactly all the information we would want to see is included here. Getting a sneak peek of anything that is coming up in Old School Runescape is always something we are excited to see. We have a feeling that more than a few of you are going to be looking to buy OSRS Gold so you are ready for some of the things mentioned in this Q&A.

One thing that we have heard some long time OSRS players say about Dragonhide Leather Shields is "what is the point?" while for long time players, these may not exactly be a great upgrade. But we have a sneaking feeling that these shields are going to be popular with new players coming to the game when Runescape Mobile drops in the next few months. The reason for this is that they are a decent shield and they do not require a ton of money or them to be a super high level in order to get.

What are you guys thoughts on the sneak peek of Dragonhide Leather Shields that were in this Q&A? Let us know and be sure to take advantage of our low prices on Old School Runescape Gold.  

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