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Now that OSRS is back and have brought back that fanbase

Atleast have the decency to apologise to your players for how you handled the fog and the final Square. People put so many hours into this game mode and you ruined the expierence for everyone except the ROT clan. Just come out and say ''sorry players'' man the cause this is just emberassing. We are talking about players hard earned skills and the money they pay you.

As a company grow the up? Instead your Reddit posts and Twitter posts are full of cheers and joy while you must realise that's it a pretty dick move to kill 90% of the players instantly with the fog and have one clan barrage a single rightclick entrance.

Besides the players who love this game put in so many hours to play while it seems that your development team can't even put in a single test run to see how the fog would work? Jagex you have been punished once for not caring about players when you released EOC. You lost so much of your playerbase, now that OSRS is back you have brought back that fanbase. Stop ruining these experiences just listen to the options. If you cannot fix it right now then just postpone the Deadman Mode event all together untill you fix it. Because if you where a product I bought in a store I would go back and ask for my money back, because I don't want to buy broken.

The production was good. Nice casting, setups with streamers etc playing live, good job covering in-game players and teams, good job Hyping it up and pulling over 50k viewers which is insane for a RuneScape stream....but the final mechanics were humiliating. This was as bad (worse?) than the first tournament ending in Falador. The second, the one which ended at Barbarian Village was pretty good. The third which ended at Annakarl, was great. But then...this? Having fog go from zero to lethal within a few seconds was a bad idea, and having a mechanic such as fog 1 hiting anyone is an unhealthy mechanic. If someone were to find a bug or alternative way to stay alive such as Woox did, you now have stated in the rules that you will deem them why do you need an Instakill feature at all? And the final zone requiring everyone enter a 1x1 zone....what else was going to happen but barrage/chin piles leading to instant clears of anyone not in the team currently holding the area (ROT, of course). I was really excited for this, and everything was great until the ending...I know the RS community can be pretty harsh.

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