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Not oblivious to the bot issues on old school runescape

Its a game for man children who cant accept that all MMO's change over time, and they have to cling to there nostalgia cause there brains are too small to handle more then click and AFK. Meanwhile, US REAL vets that started since classic have no issues playing rs3(runescape 3), unlike you 07+ prods, you people were the cancer of the community back then and you continue to prove it with comments like these today. Lol for sakes you all brought back riot worlds what does that say about you lot.

Its a PVP side of the community, they will never grow up if they think bringing back riot worlds. It’s something that works when it was proven years ago that it only gets you banned for using auto-type bots that proves how childish they continue to be and will continue to be.

fighting Araxxor

When you can walk past any yew tree in the game, and see dozens of people named zsdgestghsrthjtgh with default character settings on each of them. I hate to break it to you but that’s a huge bot problem, something runescape 3 hasn’t had since they implemented there biggest bot nuke in runescape 3 in 2013. And upgraded there BOT detecting system now you barely see bots that’s why the world seems "empty"! Cause you all were so used to the huge bot inssues over the last 12 years before eoc! Hit that old school runescape looks "normal" to you. Meanwhile, those of use with a brain see a problem that needs addressed that the dev team for osrs is ignoring like they did mostly in those 12 years. But due to using an outdated game as there base! I am betting making a bot removal program thats as effective as the one runescape 3 uses is most likely out of the question! Due to it breaking the game most likely AKA mass banning people who use OSBuddy, cause it thinks its an injection bot program. for example it wouldn’t surprise me since that games database is 7 years old so there’s bound to be sever limitations.

But at the same time, you all can not ignore the issue when its obvious there and not getting better! That only makes you look like an willfully ignorant ass hole! so yeah, 1.6m is "a lot" but not when at minimum, a quarter of it is made up with runescape gold farmers same with the online counter! You cant argue that point that its "more then youres" cause you have rs gold farmers that NEVER log out easily 20k minimum, when osrs gets a hold of there botting issue. And that probably wont happen until there toxic player base admits they have a problem instead of trying to pass off bots! As players for the sake of "hurr hurr we are better then you" then it will probably never get fixed.

2 Million active players bud old school runescape 1.7m bots! Nice! try Man Child now. how about growing the hell up! Oh, and i might add over 150K runescape players log in Daily, and to prove an point of that for TH for those p2wscape hurr hurr idiots out. There believe it or not only 3% of the total 150k people who log into runescape 3 Daily not at once! And to any OSRS fanboys out there keep that in mind before you cry "b-b-but 40k online. Hurr hurr" thats 3% of them buy more then 1k keys on promotions 16% 400-900 kays a YEAR, and the rest only daily keys facts bud get some.

2 Million subs is counting: rs3 ONLY the graph was made to reflect. ONLY runescape 3 you moron stop making excuses XD man you OSRS fanboys are pathetic! I am starting to see why your screen name in junior, lol. Oh, and fyi that’s 11k+ more bots bots that never log out, so they fudge the number greatly nice try ignoramus. That’s how you know our counter is legit, cause we have no bots to inflate our numbers artificially!

You forgot to mention bernis that to make 10m an hour is fighting Araxxor and Araxxor, only GBP probably one of the simpler bosses only nets in 4m an hour! give or take? That’s the same as the zammy god boss. Also same with most non boss mobs and the only slayer task that makes mondo bank is edimmu! Which requires 90 slayer & 115 dung and access to elf city but they only make between 3.5-4.5m runescape gold.

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