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No website ever offers to sell you rs gold and membership in a 100% agreement

I'm happy as hell though that today in this year alongside the few others that had great times eventually got to break the chain with runescape gold selling sites, literally and finally now you can buy a giftcard and cash it in for a bond but even getting the bond gives you 7 days membership as well. No website ever offers to sell you rs gold and membership in a 100% agreement. Jagex is loyal to us, and expects us not to cheat buy selling real money over the internet by credit card to unknown site creators. That have their paypal give them the notice of that they've been paid and now either 1 they do as they said, they actually would and give the player the items, gold but for 2 they could just hack you for all of your items, change the recovery settings and get into your runescape bank within the 5 day wait, rather then 7 as its optional to choose 5 to 7 days for a recovery delay date, and you guys might ask me this is how would they even get on the buyers account, and the answer is simple, they could have on the stuff buying sites the need of an account username and password information the seller/hacker needs to know. Because guys scam people by saying they'll get the buyers accounts the gold rather then meet them in game to give them it.

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As well as that can later be credit card theft they abuse from already being issued the credit card numbers from the beginning making it possible for a family to live on the streets in real life but because of genius hi-jackers.

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