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The Barbarian Assault minigame is a battleground established by the Barbarians to fight against Penance creatures. Players must complete the tutorial by talking to Captain Cain before they can play the minigame.

is a safe minigame and, as such, players will not lose any items upon death. As combat is the minigame's main component, high Defence and Hitpoints levels provide an advantage. If one teammate died, the entire group must restart the wave.

Players must form a team of five players in order to play. Completion of each wave will reward each player with Honour points specific to the role they chose. Honour points can be used to redeem a variety of combat-based equipment, notably the fighter torso. Players can also gamble Honour points for a chance to receive the rare dragon chainbody or the pet penance queen.

Players can check the Honour points they have earned by talking to Commander Connad or by checking the blackboard.


For each successful wave you complete, you will earn some points. These points can be redeemed back on the surface, north of the ladder. Talk to Commander Connad to claim your rewards. There are three different types of rewards - level raisers, item rewards and gambles.

Note: you can not save more than 500 points in any one role.

If you want to go back into the arena it might be a good idea to raise the type of role you use. (Attacker, Collector etc) It costs 200 points to raise your level, however it is worth it.

Skill Raisers:

The amount of points required for levelling up a skill works out at 100 times the next level. For instance, to progress to Level 2 you need 200 points and another 300 for Level 3 etc.


Attacker Rewards:

Level 1 +1 damage on Penance

Level 2 +2 damage on Penance

Level 3 +3 damage on Penance

Level 4 +4 damage on Penance

Level 5 +5 damage on Penance


Collector Rewards:

Level 1 Pouch holds 2 eggs

Level 2 Pouch holds 4 eggs

Level 3 Pouch holds 6 eggs

Level 4 Pouch holds 7 eggs

Level 5 Pouch holds 8 eggs


Defender Rewards:

Level 1 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 1 Lure range of 4)

Level 2 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 2 Lure range of 5)

Level 3 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 3 Lure range of 6)

Level 4 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 4 Lure range of 8)

Level 5 Increase range that Penance runners search for food (Level 5 Lure range of 10)


Healer Rewards:

Level 1 Able to heal 10 Hitpoints per dose

Level 2 Able to heal 15 Hitpoints per dose

Level 3 Able to heal 20 Hitpoints per dose

Level 4 Able to heal 25 Hitpoints per dose

Level 5 Able to heal 35 Hitpoints per dose

To get to level 5 of a role you need 1400 of points (of that certain role). You also need to killed the Penance Queen at least once and have 95k (95000 coins) to buy the Granite platebody.



Use your fifth player wisely. Collectors and Defenders can survive with just one person. Attackers and Healers, on the other hand, could do with some help. Particularly in the later waves, you decision of the person's role could be the difference between success and failure.

If you are recruiting, use your intuition. Think what is more important - healing other team mates or killing the monsters.

Consider your level when you select a role. As said before, only high levels should attempt to be an Attacker in the later waves. If you are low, choose a different role which involves less combat - you will still get points for being a Collector or a Defender.

If you want to have a good team, grab a few friends before going into the game. The more you know each other, the better you will be able to co-operate. This game is about teamwork!

Spend your points wisely! It may seem tempting to try and save up for a high gamble, but think about your level. The higher it is, the easier it will be to earn more points.

Be patient! If a member of your team is new to the game, take time to help him/her. If you are reading this guide you are probably new yourself, and wouldn't appreciate someone screaming at you to do something.

Stock up, but be quick. At the start it's best to grab some supplies instead of just rushing in there. Mages and rangers in particular should take time to arm up. A mage myself I like to get around 100-150 runes before attacking the enemy.

Although when using one type of mage attacked it is better to use a fire staff, water staff etc, you will be using all four elements, meaning you will run out or airs before you do the others. This means you should bring an air staff to avoid running back to the dispensers too many times.

As Penance Healers only attack you when you are poisoned, it might be worth curing one person to be "bait". The Healer will come to that person where the your Healer can attack him, to save your team mate running all over the map.

As mentioned before, bring two Healers in the later waves to avoid dying and having to start the wave again!

Runescape recommends bringing the Queen Tutorial Book received after the tutorial, however it's not much help. Only bring it if you have a very bad memory.

This is a safe mini-game, so bring your best armor. There's no reason to play without some protection.

If you have two Attackers, it is a good idea to have one warrior and one ranger/mage. This means that the warrior can run out at the start and hold the enemies whilst the other one stocks up.

Although at the start you may not get a lot of points, as the waves get harder you will find that your rewards are much greater. So, be patient, keeping playing and you will soon find that you can get that cool new armor!

The Defender has one of the hardest roles and the only time-critical one. You must kill the Runners before they exit through the cave or you lose points, and it doesn't matter if the Defender kills them, so the Egg Launcher should only be used on Runners (use the explosive eggs only, or stun if that's all you have) first. After that, target the Penance Healers with poison eggs mainly.

The Attacker should try and kill the Rangers first as they are the most dangerous to other members of the team, and they can prevent operation of the Egg Launcher.

The Attacker should be busy killing enemies and shouldn't have time to use the Egg Launcher until all of them are dead. The Collector should be getting eggs and shouldn't waste time using the Egg Launcher. The Healer should be busy healing and poisoning Penance Healers and shouldn't waste time using the Egg Launcher. The Defender must kill Runners quickly and using the trap is not required, so he should use the Egg Launcher if there are no Runners near the trap.

The only way to make maximum points is to communicate the orders to your teammates. They change every 20 seconds, so if you know it's about to change, Attacker should not start a new fight, Collector should hold off picking up that last egg, and Healer should heal someone instead of trying to poison.

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