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Up to Snow Good - Christmas Event 2013
Hello and welcome to my 161st edition of Game Update Questions?
If you have never visited or heard of my thread, then you are most probably wondering what this thread is all about. Well, to cut a long story short, I have volunteered to make a thread for fellow players just like you to post questions on here about the most recent game update, in hope that the developer of the update can answer as many of them as possible.

When an update is released into the game, I try my best to experience the update for myself so I have a good enough understanding of the update. This means I will be able to pick out the most important questions that people would really like a response to.

Whilst this is one of the best places to ask questions in the hope they will get answered, I cannot guarantee that every question will be answered. It's up to the developer which questions get answered, after all.

All you have to do is read the set of questions posted below, and if you have a question different to the one already asked, then go ahead and ask it!

This thread will be made every week as soon as the update is brought out (when I'm able to that is).

If you have any questions or you are stuck on what to do, don't hesitate to either ask myself on this thread or in-game if I'm on!

Questions - Christmas Event 2013

1) I can hardly see where the Enchanted Snowballs are. Any chance of making them easier to see?

2) Can you replace in-game Scape Santa with orchestrated Scape Santa that now plays in the lobby?

3) Can you make the snow imp have post-event dialogue at the Land of Snow for players who can summon him? I'd like to know what he thinks of the fact I ruined Christmas.

4) Did Azzanadra get his presents this year from Reggie the Mahjarrat imp? Last year, Reggie failed to get through Akthanakos, thus the Mahjarrat were left presentless.

5) Shouldn't General Wartface and Bentnose be busy helping Bandos?

6) Why is Sir Amik getting drunk in Lumbridge instead of handling the fight between Bandos and Armadyl?

7) Will players and other fires be updated to use awesome graphics like the bonfire in the event?

8) Why couldn't we receive a Santa Claus pet if we were a good player? San'tar is only for bad players!

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