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Memorable Runescape Moments!

Memorable Runescape Moments

Hey guys just thought I would have a little bit of fun by not sharing with you, where the best place to buy OSRS Gold in 2007Runescapegold is. But by looking at some of the most memorable Runescape moments that were caught on tape, film….. YouTube, you know what I mean! These are just a couple of my picks, but I would love to hear what yours are in the comments down below.

The Falador Massacre

Adding this to any best Runescape moments list should be a legal requirement. Player Durial321 went on the most insane Runescape rampage of all time. His rampage saw him lay waste to countless players and he caused so much damage that he was actually IP banned. I highly recommend you look for a video of The Falador Massacre as it is one of the most interesting things to happen in the history of Runescape. One moment you are having a party and then next everyone is dead…. Hey we can all relate to that, can’t we?

The Sad Passing Of The Old Nite

So not a great moment, but the passing of Runescape player The Old Nite was a moment the community really came together. He was such a great player and shortly after he held a maxing parting, he sadly passed away. It was very shocking, mainly because he was such a nice guy who always had time for players. One of the true gents of Runescape and proof that this game does have a good community. Jagex actually created a monument that many people say is there in memory of The Old Nite which was a classy thing to do.

We are more than just the best place to buy OSRS Gold in 2007Runescapegold. We are also fans and we would love to hear what your memorable moments are.

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