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Melee Araxxor Rebalance In Runescape

After fighting Araxxor many times and finally getting a kill I believe I'm in a position to speak objectively about it and give some constructive criticism.

After reviewing all my attempts and seeing what I did right and wrong I've noticed that I was able to at least get to phase 4 in all my attempts except when I was fighting melee style Araxxor. I do take into account that I always used range to fight it but I still believe there are things that are not related to the combat triangle and happen because you take way more damage when Araxxor is in melee form.

Mod Chris L says that players should attempt to fight Araxxor regardless of what combat style they get because it's still viable which I find not to be true.

The reason why melee Araxxor is harder than the other 2 forms is because most "mechanic" don't synergise well with melee stance. I have a feeling that the developers didn't take this into account when developing them.

Let's take a look at the bleed passive effect compared to the other 2. The only way to avoid the bleed is to use the Freedom ability which not only has a cooldown period where you can't avoid it but also is harder to get rid off. Now compare this to the poison and debuff effects that can be negated with just a sip of 2 different potions, this is just not balanced.

Another problem is that it's impossible to use the anticipate ability to avoid getting dragged by the cleave attack which means players risk getting damaged more even when they know how it works.

When the acidic spiders are in the rotation another inconvenience occurs. Luring the acidic spiders away (if that's the intended mechanic, I still don't know how it works) from Araxxor becomes extremely difficult since the spiders get way closer to him.

My suggestions are the following:

-Make the bleed effect happens after some attacks and not all so that players don't spam Freedom.

-Make melee Araxxor use the cleave attack less often or reduce its damage.

Another thing that I would like to mention is that when path 3 of the second phase is open, players that fight with melee weapons are at a huge disadvantage because of the "light" mechanic that happens during phase 3 and 4.

They just can't attack Araxxor because they risk getting hit constant 450s. While I somehow feel that it's up to the player to use melee or not I also think it's bad game design because it wasn't taken into account before creating such mechanic in the first place.

I've also noticed that Araxxor's cleave attack can hit familiars even when the familiars are not on melee distance. Does the hitbox work differently for them?

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