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Making Bush Runs In Old School Runescape

Hey, guys before we get into today's guide, we need to tell you about our super cheap Old School Runescape Gold so be sure to check it out.

Anyway, bush runs are not something many people talk about in OSRS. But they are quick, easy and can make you some extra cash! Want to know how to do a bush run? Then keep on reading.

If you have 70 farming it is even better as poison ivy is very cheap and they give you around 6 k GP per patch and grow in around two hours. What is cool about this is that you do not actually have to replant them once you have picked them. You can just keep on coming back and reaping the spoils! Some people do prefer to grow berries, but these are more expensive, but if that is your thing go for it.

There are only four bush patches in the game. The first one is West of Champions Guild. The next one is located pretty much in the heart of Rimmington. South Of Ardougne is where the next one is and last, but not least is the bush that is South West of Etceteria. Of course, you can teleport as close to these as you want.

We know that this is not the most exciting thing is the world, but if your farming level is high and you can take advantage of the low price of poison ivy it is something that is well worth doing while you play.

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