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Make Money in Double XP Weekend In Runescape 3!

We pride ourselves in offering the best deals online for Runescape Gold. But we are also big fans and with the Double XP weekend happening on May 19th, we know many of you will be looking to cash in. We found an awesome video from YouTuber, Maikeru Runescape which offers you some great ways to make some extra cash! Here are a few of our favorites.

Daily Shop Runs: Maikeru RS makes the great point that Feathers, Broadhead Arrows, and Yak Hide is on the rise. By doing daily runs with these items, he says you can really make some serious profit.

Slayer: most of us here at love Slayer, but Slayer is even more profitable than usual due to all the consistent drops of things like herbs, logs, ores and so on are at a premium right now. Pretty much every Slayer monster you take down is going to give you a good amount of GP and loot.

Queen Black Dragon: This, of course, is only for players who are at a higher level. But the consistency of the drops is just through the roof right now. High end gear set ups are looking at 8 to 9m GP per hour! Even mid gear set ups are looking at around 5m GP per hour. It really is a great time to take down the Queen Black Dragon so make sure you take advantage of it.

So there are our three favorite ways to make sure you cash in during the unexpected Double XP weekend that is coming on May 19th. Make sure you check out the video and make sure you check out our amazing deals on rs gold!

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