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Lords of the wait Christmas runescape xmas

ETA: Week of December 16-20

It's the most wonderful time of the year! In fact it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride

together with LOTW! Forgive me my song references, but from Lords of the Wait to you, a

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Just like every year, there's no better way to celebrate Christmas than with family,

once you get sick of them, however, the best way to avoid them is the RuneScape

Christmas event! So join us this week for some caroling, sleigh-riding, and a joyous

holiday atmosphere! Please dress for the season!

runescape equipment
-Holiday spirit!

-New pet
-Tinsel Scarf
-Christmas emote
-"A very silly Christmas jumper"


Q: What is Lords of the Wait?
A: We're a group of the coolest kids you know, who spend our Mondays, Tuesdays, and

occasionally Wednesdays waiting in spots across Gielinor for the anticipated update!

It's sounds nerdy, and okay it probably is, but it's tons of fun and really exciting.

Q: Where are these events held?
A: The location of the event will change from week to week. It's dependent on the teaser

pictures, coupled with info from Behind the Scenes articles and videos.

Q: Doesn't LOTW decrease the chances of getting an Update ETA?
A: Not at all! LOTW is a Jagex supported thread and they MAY post Update ETAs on this

thread, as well as on other peoples threads.

Q: Why is this in Future Updates?
A: This thread is allowed to be in Future Update as it serves the purpose of waiting for

an update through an event both in game and on the forums, as well as speculation.

Q: How and when were these events started?
A: Lords of the Wait started as a summer event by The Scrying Pool. The first LOTW

covered the release of Fairly Tale III - Orks Rift which came out on May the 13th 2010.

From then on they were done every summer and became incredibly successful, finding up to

and sometimes over 100 people in attendance.

In January 2012 Jagex announced the upcoming release of the Firemakers Curse quest, with

the highest requirement ever for a quest. This encouraged the first Winter LOTW. This

turned out to be a success and there have been Winter LOTWs ever since.

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