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Looking forward to see what Jagex will fix next

runescape bug

1.Quick chat bug where if you double click enter on keyboard the chat windows becomes blank.

2.Araxxor spawn animation on phase 3 after finishing darkness path. (He can spec without you seeing it, you can only see him spawning for the first 3 seconds)

3.Telos anti-walk mechanic

4.Telos minions after you kill Telos they are still alive for some time (not the worst thing)


1.On greater demons slayer task when you do K'ril, please make only the boss countable as a greater demon kill, not the melee minion as well when in the boss room.

2. The same thing for Kree'arra when in the boss room only killing the minions.

3. Have your fast teleport animation activate when teleporting to max guild with max cape.  (Like shadow blast teleport)

4. Decant flasks in max guild

There are lots of other small ideas and bugs I found that I cannot think of at the moment, but thank you!

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