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Just play osrs and dont play Runescape 3 and believe me, you will enjoy it

Fun as hell. Also yes everyone had to make a new account, but its only been up 3 years, im sure you can manage to level. But its great, there are usually 40k-50k people online. Its basically old school runescape back in 2007 with new bosses and the items they drop to make weapons, and the G.E. For example they added Demonic Gorillas which require decently high stats to kill, that drop items to make a weapon called a ballista. Which is a really good range weapon, but it doesnt ruin the concept of the game. Plus they poll most stuff so you can choose if you want them, and a lot of people wanted demonic gorillas. Then there are bosses like Zulrah which drop an item you can craft into a weapon which would be a toxic blowpipe. Amazing weapon, but the best part is, they look like legit old school items, its not like Runescape 3 where they buffed the graphics x10000. Its fun play it.

Runescape 3

I'm not bashing Runescape 3, i'm just more attached to 07 because I played it back in 07 and I hate the fact that they never polled eoc, Runescape 3 may have never been a thing if they polled it. The reason we are telling him to play osrs(Old School Runescape) is because he thought Runescape 3 was the only runescape and he didnt like it. We aren't bashing Runescape 3, just trying to help a little chap play either or variation of runescape again.

You can't say all of Runescape is complete. Osrs(Old School Runescape) hasn't even been out for 3 years and its actually fun as hell. Also, if you do keep playing, I'd recommend setting your combat mode to either Revolution or Legacy, not Full Manual which I think is default but shouldn't be, as it is a pain in the ass unless you are very focused and experienced. Legacy mode is intended to be like the 2010 era combat: in 2012 there was a big combat overhaul which many players didnt like, which is why they released Legacy (pre-EoC) combat.

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