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Jagex will let you at some point use bonds to donate to charity

Jagex tried about 10 different times since creation to rid RWT each time after considerable amount of time it's been reverted due to player reaction as the changes effected the players directly... DIRECTLY. They have now come up with something that doesn't negatively effect anyone except apparently some peoples ego.

runescape charity

Times changed, when a game has a 40-50% base of rs gold buyers which is sapping the economy of course they're going to try and change that , would you prefer they would just let the economy got to zilch and then you'd complain about them not doing anything.

99's regardless of how they're bought still required time put in to achieve them, 40-50% prior to this scheme still bought rs gold frequently where was your outrage about your degraded achievements then? Your 99's in your logic has been degrading ever since release.

They "pussy" out ? They didn't release it for a giggle. They released it to try and save the economy and rid a large percentage of runescape gold farmers , they have not set a price for bonds [ingame price] that's decided on the players. If you want a reason why your comparison is bellow par it's because Runescape is a game.

You're saying the killing should be made legal cause it's committed in response to me saying about how the scheme tackling the RWT , it's just a bad comparison because of the several factors and several outcomes that would come of your comparison. That's why.

If Jagex were purely money grabbing they wouldn't have implemented the chance to redeem it for membership , spins or coins all of which require purchasing. I've mentioned this several times in my responses to you but you just pick out bits and bobs.

You said this is why you no longer pay because NOW it's pay to win , It has always been pay to win due to rs gold farmers so either you're just raging or upset by another update and quit or you really didn't understand what was going on in the shady corners of Runescape, as gold farmers have always existed , they exist in majority of games with a currency.

Lets clear that up. You agree the game always had an element of pay to win , your 'beef' isn't with people paying to win it's with Jagex for flipping, correct ? Have you not seen the last 7 years attempts to quash RWT? NO ATTEMPTS?

I just can't understand how there was no attempts to fight it , lengthy battles Jagex has had with RWT and attempts to break their backbone.

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