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Jagex might sell the company?

300 million dollars is not a small amount of money, Jagex's revenue isn't very big either and has never been that big, at most maybe $50-60 million during their most successful year(s) so 300 million would take quite a while especially since the average is much lower than $50m. It's rather a good offer than a "low ball" one which is why I'm not surprised they might sell the company.

This is extremely ignorant, a lot of very successful and fun games are owned by Chinese parent companies. Usually what happens is that they barely interfere if at all but just want to get more profits. Also what games do we know that release overpriced expansionpacks and have a very high subscription fee (don't forget buying levels and other microtransactions)? World of Warcraft, and that's an American game. Stop with the generalisations and prejudice, a company is a company no matter where it's from and the intentions are to make money, that's it. Having a higher subscription fee isn't exactly the best idea to make more money considering more and more people stop paying real money for the game since it's getting quite expensive and because you can now pay with in-runescape gold, sure there's still someone who bought that bond for real money in the first place, but if too many buy membership with in-game money it won't work. The Jagex staff probably care, but they don't own the company, neither does the CEO, the shareholders do and all they want is to make money, that's why they invest in companies in the first place. So if they think that they'll make more money by selling Jagex they'll do it.


Mostly when a company is bought the new parent company doesn't change anything and if they don't know much about the gaming industry Jagex can give them advice, show them their history and what reactions they got after big updates like Free trade removal, Eoc, microtransactions etc.

I think that they will let Jagex keep doing what they're doing and maybe this Chinese company will try to help getting a playerbase in Asia. They'd be dumb to try to milk with microtransactions because people would quit and this is a long term investment.

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