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Jagex keep negative attitude, how far can runescape go?

There were several threads have been posted in runescape community complaint about Auto-advertize bot in November, 2016. And they all say its about time to say bye to this game, due to Jagex does nothing to the bots.

Grand exchange

I've seen some players quite frequently promoting bots and Real world trading sites at the grand exchange, but the thing is they tend to type it in such a way to make it somewhat less obvious, of course the best I can do is to report them.

I really hope Jagex can stop those promoting those kind of sites which encourage rule breaking, making things unfair for other players in the game.

Not only me appeal to Jagex to do something, but no matter how serious the problem, Jagex always saying: Thanks, your report has been received, we appreciate your report. You are doing awesome! Bye!

Even Jagex explained they took time to view every report, and it is a massive & complex job to handle tons of reports daily. But it is obviously what they ‘ve done have not changed anything, the world of runescape still full of bots, especially in Grand exchange, Jagex never considered how to change the situation, they just do the daily job, read reports and take action. But this can’t change the situation.

To prevent people advertize in game is very simple, block special words and phrase, and arrange 7 people track worlds 1 by 1 at grand exchange, ban the accounts manually once they see related information, this is the most fast and efficient ways to ban auto advertize bots. But Jagex never considered it, their attitude shows bot is a part of this game. And they don’t care botting are only making the game less enjoyable for others, even this game has over 200million accounts, but now there are only 40,000 average online 24/7. And a survey from runescape gold sale site shows there are over 5000 players quit runescape and will to sell runescape accounts for real cash. Most of them go to college and feel no fun of the game any more.

An ever incredible mmorpg  game now became more and more unfamiliar to young people. We hope runescape could still keep active, but this needs Jagex operate everything well.

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