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Jagex Stepping Up With More F2P Runescape Content

Is there a more community driven developer than the good folks at Jagex? We love Runescape and have been the number one place to buy Runescape Gold for quite some time. But today, we wanted to talk about how awesome it is Jagex keep adding stuff to F2P. While many of us are happy to be full members in the world of Runescape, it would be easy for them to forget about F2P and just leave it bare bones. But that is not how Jagex roll.

Jagex Stepping Up With More F2P Runescape Content

Just recently they made Snake Skin and Split Bark available to F2P and while it can take a little time to obtain a snakeskin armor, we think it is just so cool that they did this.  On the official Runescape Reddit page, we were looking at how many other Runescape fans are stoked about this.

What was cool about this, was how Jagex have gotten in on the conversation. They mention that there are even more offhands to become F2P so that is something to look forward to. Really how many other developers would go to this much effort to communicate with their fans? We are really having a hard time thinking of many that would.

We think it is awesome that more and more content is coming to Runescape F2P and we have a feeling that one of the main reasons for this (as well as Jagex being awesome) is Runescape going mobile. New players or lapse players are going to be super impressed with just how much content the F2P version of Runescape has. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our little fan letter to Jagex and be sure to buy RS Gold while we have it at such a low, low price.

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