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It's not the trade-able kelp from one's Player owned house

So, there's a new type of contract called "Sacrifice kelp at uncharted isles." It gives RC xp and requires around 11 sacrifices. But not that much, only around 11k if I recall correctly. You should approach these similarly to a foraging contract cause when I visited larges I only got 2-3 kelp circles, whereas visiting smalls, I got 3-5 per island.

Player owned house

Using the circles is pretty crappy. Each one only gives around 400xp. To one, you need to click on it having 3 kelp in your inventory. You get this kelp from spawns all over the island if there are ritual circles. Problem is, they spawn like 2-3x what you actually need for the circles in that island. Always. For example, my contract of 11 implied 33 kelp used, and I was left with an excess of 66 kelp. 

Now, I have no idea what to do with this kelp. It's not the trade-able kelp from one's POH. The floatsam trader doesn't buy nor does any other trader for that matter. And not like I can keep sacrificing cause once you sacrifice your 3, the circle dies out and can no longer be interacted with. and it doesn't allow you to sacrifice more than 3. It's always 3.

Alas, I don't know if there's a bug somewhere in the process or if this is just inane design, or if it's myself missing something I could do with them.

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