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Is it possible to say P2W in Runescape?

I've played old school and went on a 5 year hiatus before returning to Runescape 3. I personally think that both versions have their specialities and are both worthy of intriguing new players. I'm a person who likes to explore new things so I prefer Runescape 3 for now. Old school does have many nostalgic memories and I still like the entire game as a whole , New or Old, they generally have the same concept.

I never found anything P2W in Runescape 3. Look up the smoldering lamp promotion, ton's of players have bought 120+ XP in a single promo, as where it take over a year doing normal methods, that is the definition of P2W / Pay4exp.

Is it possible to say P2W in Runescape

Died laughing as did Jagex's integrity with resorting to P2W /Pay4exp promo's. P2W implies "Paying-to-win" or the ability to use real life money to pay to have an extreme advantage over the actual in game methods. If it was the ONLY way to achieve something, then no one would play a game like that, "hey guys, want to play this game with me, you can only level up by buying your levels, but its a real blast!!" Like really. I hate on it because it ruined the core integrity of the game when Jagex (even the new owners) stated they would never add P2W XP methods to the game as it was "an unfair advantage to those players who have less wealth". For a player that has held true to that integrity for 10 years leveling the hard way, to be passed by players buying years of in-game work for 200M Skills in a weekend promotion. When a method is beyond opinion (over-powered) to ALL in-game methods, is called P2W / PAY4XP. Your assumptions are rather childish.

Pay to win implies paying is the ONLY way you can achieve something. Clearly it's not. Stop trying to sensationalize things you don't agree with. It's okay to not want microtransactions but when you say things like that you're just being dishonest and petty. It's as if you're looking for anything to bring something you don't like down. Say something for what it is. Lying and exaggerating things like that just makes you look like a child.

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