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Interesting Old School Runescape Update Ideas

Take a break from looking for OSRS Gold as today we are having a little bit of fun looking at some of the ideas from the OSRS community that we think would actually be pretty awesome!

Interesting Old School Runescape Update Ideas

Quest Log Updates

This one is pretty good and surprising it is not actually a thing. The idea is that if you have all the requirements for a particular quest, then that quest will be highlighted in blue. This would be very handy and probably result in more people taking part in quests when they do not have to check if they meet all the requirements.

Player Statues

This is a good idea and one many of us in the OSRS community got behind. The idea is when a player completes an amazing feat, like The Inferno for example. They could be immortalized by having a statue of them in the game. We think this is cool and something that would make more players get into events if they knew they would be forever in the game.

Canoe Stops In Zeah

Many of us have sad that getting around Zeah is a pain in the butt. Canoes can be very useful and adding some convenient canoe stops in Zeah would make getting around less of a chore.

Being Able To Re Run Quests

This is a very interesting idea and something that could have many uses. Some people ignore the story and will just try and run through it. But being able to play it again at a more leisurely pace would allow those players to take in the story they missed. It would also be great for speed runners who can keep on playing a quest as they try to shave a few seconds here and there of their time. The folks at are huge OSRS fans and they offer you the best place to buy Old School Runescape gold online.

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