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Indeed such a thing is in the Runescape Rules

Honestly the only choice (Note: Non-opinionated factual choice) that makes sense is to remove PvP entirely from the wilderness, and make a new Mini-game or even area where no or little risk PvP but with rewards outside the scope of money, such as specialty items that need to be replaced are involved, to both reignite the passion of PvPers and keep a long term interest going past the first few weeks when the general playerbase has garnered most or all of the rewards and it becomes known as dead content.

At this point the only thing I feel I need to go over is my personal opinion on the matter. And I'm going to preface this paragraph by saying that it in no way biased anything said above, nor does it change the facts presented in any way, the following is simply my personal opinion on the matter.

PvPers are scumbags. I went over above how no one brings anything of real value into the wilderness, and the only reasons people do PvP in the wilderness anymore is either to intentionally try to cause irritation and disrupt training regimens, or because they find personal enjoyment in such activity, which in my opinion is morally reprehensible. To find fun in the suffering of others, no matter how slight, and to pick on those who have no chance to defend themselves (which is the honest truth, no matter which way you slice it, someone whose there to train will not risk any gear worth having, which means they will generally be completely naked and unarmed) not only does not qualify as PvP, (since PvP is Player vs Player, not Player vs Unarmed Uninterested Innocent Bystander) It's done with the sole intention of personal enjoyment outside the scope of the feelings of the other party. People should have no right to disrupt others, and indeed such a thing is in the Runescape Rules.

It's my personal wish that this be classified under "Disruptive behavior" which at its core and going by the strictest official definitions it does indeed meet the requirements to be classified as. 

The only thing saving it from being a reportable offense, despite clearly being intentionally disruptive, is that the Wilderness currently legally allows it to happen by virtue of being a PvP Zone. 

*End of Opinion*

A better solution would be to revert it to the 07-011 era and completely remove PvP from the wilderness, and simply bring in a New minigame with degrading or X-Use rewards that would be useful to PvP players, with no monetary risk involved, that encouraged or demanded regular attendance to keep it constantly relevant beyond the scope of the first few weeks, which was the issue with Death Match, once everyone had the rewards they wanted it instantly became dead content.


Resonance blocking Teleblock is not a bug, and it only works if Teleblock is the first thing used on you after you use resonance. The reason it works is that if you rest your fingers on the needed keys, its easy to see someone the moment they come into your field of vision, and if someone is in fact there, instant switch to your shield, pop resonance, and pop your teleport all within 2 game ticks. This is important for two reasons, one is that if they somehow did retaliate within the first tick and used teleblock, you'd have already used Resonance and so it wouldn't work on you and you would move to teleport out. If they reacted the same way but the first spell they cast on you wasn't Teleblock, then by the start of the 2nd tick you've already pressed the Teleport on your Sword, Tablet, or other item and by the time they cast Teleblock, its too late to work, and while it does follow you to your new location, your safely out of the wilderness.

The reasons PvP is largely dead content in RS3 is multi-tiered and vast, but the main problem is poor implementation and lack of reward.

In our current system, these two issues are intertwined with each other.

In the current model of the Wilderness, if you die in the Wilderness you lose a majority of your items, and if skulled, you lose everything you have on you. 

In the current economy, higher tier equipment costs in the high millions, anywhere from 35m rs gold to 240m rs gold for a full set of T80-T85-T90.

People don't want to lose these items and so bank them before going to the wilderness, even PKer's tend to only use things like Royal Crossbows, and a full set of Royal D'Hide. Which if I'm not mistaken total is around 400K.

This being the case, PvP isn't attractive as a method of profit as even the most inexperienced player in the world of Runescape has the capacity to make 2, even 3 times this per hour simply doing money making methods found on the RS wiki.

Since no one wants to risk anything beyond literally 5 minutes worth of runescape gold in equivalent cost, not many people want to PvP, due to it being so uneconomical in current form. This in turn leads to less traffic to PvP areas, which in turn means less targets, which again means less hunters. 

It's a vicious cycle.

Having a Minigame revolving around PvP but with its own in demand rewards that need to be replaced after X-Uses makes far more sense.

Make a new mini-game, or revamp Deathmatch. But crucially make it so that no outside items or equipment can be taken in, and that everyone uses tier-less gear with the same stats across the board. Make the rewards things that need to be replaced, things that degrade but would be extremely advantageous to have, and make it so theres no financial risk to playing.

This way you not only pull the initial wave of players in to play the game, but they stay there! 

It wouldn't be dominated by highly geared players as everyone would be using the same free gear set found in the Minigame. 

1. Without the risk of personal loss as a barrier to learning and participation, more players would be eager to participate.

2. With great rewards that only last so long or for so many uses, players not only play but want to keep going back in droves.

3. Without gear being a factor, more players can be assured of a mutually fair fight and won't feel the need to complain and leave.

This solution fixes every problem with the current model of PvP, rewards those who choose to PvP, and gives them an area where they can actually Fight, instead of picking on unarmed bystanders who don't want to fight and who will never ever drop anything of value anyway.

It's more fun for both the PK'ers and those who prefer to steer clear of the content this way.

Everyone wins under this system, and it's honestly what Deathmatch should have been from the start.

The only reasons Deathmatch failed was due to both lack of its own tier-less gear set which everyone in the game would wear, which made it so it was gear dominated, and lack of reward(s) that needed the player to go back and play a few games to get more of once in a while, so once everyone had everything they wanted they just stopped.

As for the skilling locations being more useful with PvP in the wilderness gone, I fully and willingly admit I don't want them gone because I'm nowhere near maxed and as such, naturally want the best XP areas to be easier to use. I would not feel one bit bad if there wasn't risk sufficient risk at these areas.

I am incredibly biased and while I do see an economical problem...(for lack of a better term) with it, lower cost to me simply means further ease of access for these materials, and an easier time training invention once I have it unlocked, and cheaper charges.

Prices of Searing ashes going lower again just means cheaper Prayer XP.

As for the Demonic Skull in a PvP-Less wilderness, I wouldn't mind it being left in, but they could simply remove it.

Now all that being said I still advocate for both the removal of PvP from the wilderness, and the installation of either a new mini-game related to PvP activity with the list of requirements above in tact, or a revamp of Deathmatch with the above list in tact, and It's my belief that my bias on the matter of skilling in the wilderness no way impacts anything further than my opinions on the matter, and certainly not the facts of the situation as a whole.

No offense Malign, but my feelings on the matter of PvP in no way influence the factual discussion prevalent in this thread between myself and the OP. My opinion as well is just as valid as yours, and my paying membership means I get to have just as much a right to vote and be here as you or anyone else has.

Saying that I don't understand or can't understand PvPer's is incorrect. I fully understand both, I simply have a different view of the situation. Disagreement is not inherently the same as misunderstanding.

And as for the state of PvP Mini-Games, I myself go over in great detail exactly why their dead in multiple posts. Your welcome to read through our conversations. Primarily my post on what a well developed and enjoyable PvP Mini-Game would look like.

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