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In Runescape economy there are legitimate players that know how to adapt

Firstly, Money-making is one of Runescape's main attractions, and the number of views all the Money Making Tips.

And legitimate players will have a reason to train skills that they cant find the time for because there is no money to be made.

To which I stated, legitimate players dont train their skills simply to gain profit, there are many reasons to train your skills, quests, items/armour, aesthetics, etc. Its not that hard to understand. Secondly, there is no doubt that botting ruins the game's economy by flooding the Grand Exchange with more supply than demand, lowering prices.

Even though eventually the price would begin to lower again as more players see the profit to be had by supplying those items. There are many players who aren't as motivated to train skills if they don't make money off of it. That's why people choose to train on Hill Giants instead of guards. That's still irrelevant to the point that not all players train skills for profit. It's not that hard to understand.

Runescape economy

Are you assuming that I believe botting and merchanting are wrong?

Explicitly states that bots massively speed the rate at which prices drop by flooding the supply, which is otherwise a slow and natural progress. Again, I'll quote myself for you since you seem to be hard of reading. However, it's very obvious that many do, so the point obviously is still valid. Simply stating that players train skills for profit doesn't change the fact that there are players that dont train their skills for profit, population size to either category is irrelevant, they both exist. It's simple, very simple.

Player point seemed to be that because merchanting occurs, botting is fine. That's a very clear "two wrongs make a right" attitude in regards to the Runescape economy. I can see how somebody like could have been easily fooled into believing that, but the correct (obvious) interpretation is: "No economy is perfect, so somebody will always complain about something". Are you not realize the harm of speeding up the process at which prices fall (which bots cause)?

Humans cause rapid decreases in prices as well, or did that not occur to you? Dont think about it too hard, it's really very simple. A new skilling resource called "X" is released.  It's very valuable and would be profitable if sold. Without bots, X would be slowly gathered by real players who have the skills necessary to do so.

Humans can and do the very same. In reality, I would venture to say that with less bots (more people/people with multiple accounts) there would be 15-25% difference in how quickly the market becomes saturated. Bots do not always perform at 100% efficiency, and when they do, they get banned. Margins of error include, but are not limited to, user/natural disruptions such as program interruptions, automatic updates, mechanical issues, physical imprudence etc. 

Eventually, the price will be low enough that its profitability ceases, but this will only occur after plenty of money has been made (stimulating the economy). And then, a new skill or item is introduced. You do know what jagex has a special team of "engineers" who are paid, by you, to routinely update and improve upon the game to maintain its player-base, don't you?

You and jagex are simply crying about not wanting to update the profitability of items and skills too often, although it's within the scope of their job description to do so, and lobbies can remain at 3k ea for 10 years straight until something else comes along. My, I haven't seen such laziness in my entire life. Whether or not Runescape adapts to the changing economic climate, slow or fast,  is jagexs' responsibility. In any economy there are legitimate players that know how to adapt, not cry and complain , and they are the ones that are never/marginally affected by bots, merchanting, runescape gold swapping etc. 

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