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I will share a runescape story that I'll always remember

This was about 9 years ago, only a year and a half after I created this account with the name of a blunderous baboon, "imurpapa555". I met a girl on Runescape who was my age, or so she said. We pm'd almost every time we were on, and this was back when I was 13 so my thirst for attention from the opposite gender was starting to bloom. She had a nice name, Katy, and she said she was from Alberta (woohoo! Another Canadian). A crush formed. A plan was hatched. I was going to train super hard for 43 crafting so I could cut diamonds and make her a diamond ring!

Port Sarim

I remember mining clay in the Rimmington Mine, running the clay to the water source in Falador just north of the west bank and then running all the way to Edgeville to craft pots or bowls or whatever. After a few days of that I gained access to the prestigious crafting guild. My crafting speed increased by tremendous amounts as the cows were just outside the guild so I could tan them and craft them in mere minutes! The xp came slow as I approached 43 though, as my excitement couldn't be contained. Eventually, 43 crafting had been achieved. I was ecstatic, this plan was sure to woo a woman my age.

I mined coal in the mining guild until I found myself a diamond, cut and polished that beauty until I was ready to present it to her. I was always a miner in this game, so I only really knew the Falador area as my home so decided not to get "hitched" in the Varrock church. I asked her to come to Port Sarim. The little church just south of my ex-rivals, the level 2 goblins, was a quaint little thing and I thought it was perfect. She showed up, I didn't have a Book of Saradomin yet for I was a lowly noob, so I just made some stuff up and then traded her the ring.

Unfortunately, I can't remember her reaction as well as I'd like, but she was happy and enjoyed the gift. Gift? This wasn't just a gift, I slaved away murdering cows and mining clay for this, just for you. I was happy that she didn't just log out, but a bit upset that she was just "happy".

A day passed, she didn't log in. A week passed, she didn't log in. What had I done? My mind started racing to lame thoughts like "Hey, I should totally tell my parents about this little crush." They laughed at me, probably spouted something like "young love". Maybe she told her parents and they made her stop playing because they thought I was some sort of 40 year old neckbeard? Was I the reason she wouldn't have any more fun on the computer? I can still remember thinking all these things, what a loser I was.

Anyways, here we are. I don't know why this story has stuck with me through the years, but I remember it fairly clearly. This is probably one of my greatest Runescape memories just because I find it funny now, and I'm still oh so proud of how cute 13 year old me was, although dumb at the same time. If you read this wall of text, thanks for your dedication to my silly little tale.

I liked it so I put a ring on it, then she never logged in again. I've loved my time on here over the years and you're one of the reasons I'm still playing this legendary game. Let's hit 100k before this game dies!

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