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I quit RuneScape for a few reasons

I used to play RuneScape not for money but more for fun I wouldn't grind for rs gold I would rather explore the world of runescape until there wasn't anywhere else for me to explore as a F2P so I quit. The main thing that drew me to RS(RuneScape) in the first place was the vast world.

-I didn't feel the need to worry about numbers, levels, and such that people RuneScape IRL would mock and laugh at me for in the end of things.

-I had no RuneScape IRL friends that wanted to join in with my cringe-worthy misadventures. Not cringe-worthy because of the content in-game, but for how much of a worthless piece of I was in RuneScape and IRL.

-The Grand Exchange was the first update I dont like. I REALY loved trading. And the fact that not every dumbass has a full Run it plate and millions of coins. It makes money not easy, it makes money useless. Some following updates makes skilling and figthing (Evolution of Combat) not easy, it makes them useless. It feels like I waste my time, if it is to easy. The member pushing "heroes" and daily challenges are the finishing move. The game handle me like an idiot. I dont want to feel like an idiot.

-My reason for quitting RuneScape was Lotro(Lord of the Rings Online). What's a bit ironic is that the first time I heard about the entire game from from another RS player while I was a member. Anyway, I joined Lotro((Lord of the Rings Online)) and I still play it, and I never turned back. The last thing I did before quitting was putting a dragon skirt in the drop party chest along with a heap of self made chocolate bombs. There was pretty much no one in the drop party house, but when I did that, the place was swarming with players within few minutes, someone asking all the time who put the skirt in - I didn't reveal myself, because I had fun with them guessing. I made it as my farewell party, and no one knew. I overall liked to play a good fairy godmother in the game. I would walk in circles around the square fountain in free area and watch the others chase the trail of cooked swordfish that I left them. I did however keep some rare armour and weapons in my account, and my cat. I just couldn't abandon that white old cat that I raised from a kitten. Even if playing RS was silly at times, I still cannot deny that I would play with a nostalgic thought of return. But I don't know if I will ever truly do that.

-I quit because of Solomon's general store, no I'm not kidding. Microtransactions are simply money gouging techniques, all of its content could of been otherwise unlocked in-game but instead decided to put a price on it, not to mention the designs are too over the top for what they are.

-I quit because a player abused a bug and made me lose 3.5b and Jagex said "they acknowledge they made a mistake of not paying attention to the posibilites of a certain update they made changing aspects of them, but because of past mistakes made regarding returning lost items they cannot be replaced" the guy who got away with this didn't even get a mute i gave them video, screenshots,timestamps witnesses of the bug abuse. I quit because they only care about realworld traders and not their actual players.

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