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I personally think RS3 has more methods to earn money without playing much

OSRS is going to have membership bonds too. While I enjoy rs vids, your concerns about flooding people's sub boxes with unwanted video is understandable. To change your size in Resizable. Do the following:

Esc -> Graphics Settings -> Custom -> Max Screen Size -> Select your max size (800x600,1024x768 or "Any").

Also the change in rune usage is because range and melee is dirt cheap while magic was costly. By removing those runes, magic became cheaper. Also the store only stocks up every 24h, so don't bother running every hour, just daily. If you are member, you can access the place called Miscellania and basically invest and get goods. So profit w/o logging in a lot.


I going to think various methods to get a decent amount of money w/o playing much, because you don't want to grind 1h I suppose. Edit: if you are member...

I swear small details like that always slip past my mind. And there is something similar to kingdom, it called Player Owned Ports. Sadly you need 90 in a certain skill to even start it and more skills to cash it out. But it is good money and free high level gear (lvl 85 gear). I have a feeling I just giving trivial information thou... It just because I am comp cape and know so much about the game that I just flood you with info that you probably already know.

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