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I'm so glad to see you playing Runescape3

It's my favorite game of all time and I'm sure you enjoy it. Just a couple tips if you plan to play it more, is that even though legacy is cool and all, you'll get used to the new combat system really quick if you just try it. There is even a mode called revolution that uses your abilities for you, and you end up killing things a lot faster. By the way, sometime we should go bossing together! I can walk you through a lower end boss and it would be really fun.


Trust me man, if you get used to it it's so much fun! I've been playing since 2006 and I hated the EoC when it came out and I quit for like 6 months. I rejoined once legacy was released and used it for a while. Eventually I tried revolution because my friend was telling me it was better, and I honestly love it now. There is so much you can do with it if you just try it.

The thing about revolution is that it only uses basic abilities. If you want any worthwhile damage output, you have to manually use thresholds and ultimates. It's been like this since release. Which is what makes it balanced. Spamming clicks for basics was extremely tedious. However, if you don't manually use thresholds, your dps will take a huge hit. It's perfect.

Catch up on the latest quests when you can. Most of em give good rewards. Unlock access to the elf city asap. It provides good training methods to a variety of skills. Slayer is your best bet for substantial cash. Alch any and all rune drops. I'd like your combat stats, but you'll need 90+ in all of them to do any worthwhile bosses. Godwars items have crashed hard since the old days. Get 81 slayer if you haven't already and farm ascension keys in the ascension dungeon. Runescape wiki can show you how to get there.

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