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I love OSRS much more though

Chinese miners are not a gaming company, they're miners, they don't know about video games, only bad can come of this. There is a good example of this, like, Phil Spencer(Phil Spencer is currently the head of Xbox), ever since he became head of the xbox one team, he's been presenting mostly good ideas that profited and pull the xbox one out of the grave, because he is a gamer in heart. And then there's Konami(is a Japanese entertainment company), the name alone used to be a seal of quality on a game and now a BUSSINESS MAN runs the company who knows jack about games and look where that got Konami. The only good series that was successful, metal gear solid, they've thrown out the main man, Hideo Kojima(is a Japanese video game designer), the man who pulled Konami's weight for so long now, since he loved what he did, which was video games. This does not mean well for the future of runescape, unless they just leave it as it is and doesn't touch it until the game dies out.

What Jagex should have done was separate EoC entirely from OSRS, however, made the people starting EOC be the ones that had to completely start over. It's absolutely that old players were punished for Jagex trying to play with the bigboy MMOs, and failing. Hell, the OSRS economy is now because of the people who profiteered off of exploiting the markets before restrictions were put into place, and honestly, party hats killed it even further. (I personally made over 300mil just off of hoarding party hats for 15k each and then reselling them for 500k each 5 months later)


I don't hate either EOC or OSRS. I love OSRS much more though. However I think the implementation of EOC as the "main" game was a huge mistake. What I was saying is that they should have made EOC the 'new' game, as in everyone has a fresh start over, and OSRS be the continuation of the original (everyone keeps everything they had before the split). I was maxed, minus Construction on the original 2007Runescape, and then finding out I would have to completely start over in OSRS was a huge let down. As A Friend stated, it was a poor decision on Jagex's part.

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