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I have yellow,red,blue, and white party hat on RuneScape3 and I love it

Is that accurate though? I mean back then you could obtain the money for a  blue party hat just from training rc 1-99 which was considered OP money back then and took 480 hours (rough estimate) and if I remember correctly Blue Party Hats were around 300m in 2008.. Now the best money making methods besides flipping/merching/staking clocks in at like 10m an hour and even then it would take an unreasonable amount of time to make 10b (1000 hours) assuming the Blue hasn't risen past that since then. So it now takes at least double the time to get a Blue.  These days if you were to do Runecrafting for money the most you can ever get is about 3m double crafting nature runes. It would take over 3333 hours.

white party hat on RuneScape3 and I love it

Party Hats are currently overpriced at the moment. They were kept at a steady pace until it hit past max cash and then merchants started to make them rise like crazy. If you look at the item discussion thread you will see that the majority of Partyhat trades are among the same people. If their prices only truly reflected the rate of inflation then they wouldn't cost as much as they do.

In fact blue was actually 11b almost 12b a few weeks ago before the inevitable crash.

Also for further comparison a blue Party Hat Back in early 2008 could BARELY pay for 99 summoning. These days a blue party hat can get you almost every skill to 120(104m xp) and these are using some of the best methods for each skill which are generally more expensive. Granted the prices of some of the skilling supplies went down but some of the more expensive buyables still cost 1500m to 2000m in supplies.

You can definitely buy a purple though with 3.5b which should only take like 350 hours. realistically blue should be around 5b with just inflation.  The extra 4-5b is from manipulation.

All party hats shot up after purple went above max cash. They aren't traded in ge anymore so merchanters have full control of their prices. However Blue Party Hats have nearly doubled though even if you count inflation.

Blues in 2008 were hovering around 300m which would cost a little less than a grand back in 2007-2008. Now days it cost about $2.5 grand assuming you buy for 952

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