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I don't think that's what Jagex wants to make us do

That's technically true, although there's no guarantee it will come up again. However, consider this. Because the Dungeoneering outfit is an elite outfit, it will require 15 pieces. At the Thaler store, that's 960 thaler * 15 pieces = 14,400 thaler needed, which is 240 hours that you need to afk to get the outfit. I don't think that's what Jagex wants to make us do. 

It's a similar issue to try to get the entire outfit through Vic's store. One piece costs 600-650 points. Because of the pricing of vic points, it's incredibly hard to gather that many points. You'd need to have about 600,000 bxp in every skill to get enough points to get the DG elite outfit.

"The DG community is not very large"

The 65 people I cited are not the entire community. It's only the part of the community that have the time to do 30 floors (6x5s, 6x4s1l, 6x3s2l, 6x2s3l, 6x1s4l) as a team in one week - and do that for four+ rounds. The record sheet has about 150 unique people who have appeared and the community also includes those who dg post-200m in world 77. I would number them around 30-40, so a community of about 200 people in all.

Even if that's still too small for your arbitrary judgment, it still misses the point. The DG Elite Outfit would ELIMINATE any new growth in the community so that the community of 200 would have no opportunity to expand.

"7% is not a very large DPS boost"

On its face, this objection has no merit. Imagine what clans like Runescape Unity would do for a 7% DPS Boost. People use (in Dungeoneering as well as normal PvM) supreme overloads over normal overloads because the 1-2% DPS boost actually matters. That's why I cited the spread between records in my original post. A 7% DPS boost is incredible.

Everyone already uses banner of the gods (for 30 minutes) and drinks 1 dose of Supreme Overload and Super Prayer Renewal before every dungeon start. They even do this in W77.

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