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I can't help but to facepalm at those people calling RuneScape trash

First off, RuneScape's really is just it's own thing, you can't really compare it that much to anything else, really. This is also the 'Old School RuneScape' version of it, and it's not even that, it's Deadman mode, which has it's own separate account progress, and mode. Graphics of RuneScape3 look really nice, and I know the OSRS aren't really the greatest, but it has it's own charm, and laid back gameplay.

Somehow, a clan (the winning clan, as a matter of fact) happened to know the final arena location and camped it before it was announced which was another reason why people weren't rushing to the safe zone/already at the safe zone. Not to mention the safe zone (after a certain point in time) was only accessible via a tiny 1x1 square magical barrier you had to click on so the camping clan could just pile all of their spells onto that one square and kill anyone coming in.

3:57 The bullshit here was not the fog. The fog killed this guy had a 10 minute timer counting down in the corner for everyone and it was clearly stated in the rules that he would die instantly when it hit 0. The issue was that he literally could not click on the magic barrier to pass into the safe zone because there was so much piled up on that square from the corpses of the people that tried to get into the safe zone. I'm guessing this is the same reason those other couple of guys still outside got killed as well.

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