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Hunting Skillchompas In Runescape

Before we start, we need to let you know that we have some excellent deals right now on Runescape Gold, so be sure to have a look! Today in our blog we are looking at how you will be able to make some big money hunting Skillchompas.

Hunting Skillchompas In Runescape


97 Hunter

Having a higher agility level will be very helpful as the higher it is the more Skillchompas you can catch at a time. 99 Agility will let you catch two at a time, with the chance to get 4! Having 99 Aura will also greatly help you out.

Where To Go And What You Need To Do

You need to be to the far west in Tirannwn, North of Tyrus Camp. As you are laying down your traps to catch the Crystal Skillchompas, you will notice that you have to just keep at it. The only trap we would not suggest using is the Protean Trap as this does not give as much XP so just use a regular trap.

Selling The Crystal Skillchompas

If you spend around an hour Crystal Skillchompas and you have 99 Agility along with 99 Aura, you can expect to capture a nice amount and be looking at easily getting over 1,000,000 XP per hour. As far as money goes, as of writing, Crystal Skillchompas are worth 2001 GP each so you are looking at potentially around 4 million per hour. As you can see, Skillchompas are very profitable and will score you a lot of XP so spending an hour or so hunting them down is well worth doing.

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