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How train 89 Smithing to 99 Smithing as cheap

This is how I train 89 Smithing to 99 Smithing as cheap as I can and minimize my money loss on Smithing.

runescape Smithing

You can actually farm out the Corrupted Ores from the Crystal chest at the Lorwerth.

-Buy 100 Crystal Keys. Buy Limit is 100.

-Buy 100 Tooth of Half of a key and 100 Loop of a key. Combine them into Crystals keys.

-Have a Yak familiar with you.

-Have a Gem bag upgraded.

Summon your Yak. Carry your Gem Bag Upgrade. Fill your yak with 14 Crystal Keys. You carry 27 Keys. Run to the chest at Lorwerth. Spam click that chest. Use your Gem Bag to store up all the uncut gems. Use your yak to store up your rune armor junks, seeds such as yew, palm, magic seeds, and any of those stuff that can be sold in grand exchange and withdraw keys and repeat. When you are full or run out of keys. Either way. You run to Trahaearn area and use that bank chest over there to bank, withdraw and repeat. The Crystal chest at Lorwerth will give you random stuff such as Tooth of Half a key, Loop of a key, Corrupted ores, Crystal Tree Blossom, Crystal motherlode shard and mixture of those crystal non trade-able junks. Now, when you ran out of keys. What you do now is sell all those uncut gems, rune armor junks, seeds and anything that can be sold.

There will be 3 different type of results in the end:

1. You might profit a little.

2. You lose money but not as high as you think.

3. You might make back all the cash back when you spent on the keys.

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