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How to buy runescape gold from legit site? Here is the runescape gold delivery procedure at

Perhaps you need to buy runescape gold, but you don’t know how does it work, or you worry about get scammed, or runescape account safety issue, here the article introduce you how does runescape gold delivery by legit store, through 24/7 Live Service for more answers you want!

When I wanted to buy runescape gold 12 years ago, I don’t know what to do, It was an idea came to my mind, I even didn’t know google to search 2007 runescape gold, and some key words etc. till someday in 2007, I got a friend named Michael in Runescape, he gave me free 100k Runescape gold, which was a big value to me as a combat level 50 character, and he introduced me to buy runescape gold from, I successfully purchased my first 10 Million runescape gold from that store. And they actually very good, and professional, and years later, I sold my main RS 3 account to them for 90 Bucks. When oldschool runescape gold came in 2013, I found to buy osrs gold, and the excellent service made me pleased very much. Every time when I order osrs 07 gold, they could finish the trade in 5 minutes. Oh, I need to mention one thing, you need to pass the verification issue when you make the 1st purchase, and as far as I know, every runescape gold selling sites seems requires this job. (it’s about credit card authorization issue to prevent fraud payment use, which is understandable to me)

After the verification done, the live chat operator would tell you where to go for the rs gold trade, and they would warn you about anti-scam issue, you must carefully read the tips. (There are lots of Scammers Act the delivery guy to cheat people). When you received the gold smoothly, just hop the world, and turn private chat off. So that the scammer would not be able to send you private message.

In a word, if you looking for a legit place to buy runescape gold, I recommend, you can buy both RS 3 Eoc Gold, and oldschool Runescape Gold, the manual powerleveling service guarantees 100% safe with no ban makes me impressive a lot. They deserve your try!

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