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How to PK in Oldschool Runescape? Get yourself improved in osrs pking.

Do you feel like you always get out skilled by other Players in your level bracket during your duel arena PK? And your Pure account seems not that powerful as you saw from other people. What would be the best way to start in PKing, a level bracket, a way of pking, now check this out!

What would be the easiest way to get started in pking, a build, a level bracket, a way of pking.  I currently own a maxed 60 attack zerker, though people have been saying that 75 attack would be more beneficial for someone who is starting to learn pking (correct me if I'm wrong!). I also own few lower level pures, but I can go about creating any build.

How to improve your PK experience?

1, Practise pking on a very low lvl pure as u find many Noobs in this bracket. Once u get the rythm u should begin pking on any high lvl pure.

2, Watching some youtube videos. That'll help quite a bit.

3, stay 60 attack and recommend stick to dscim to dds. Ranging is difficult to learn as a new pker. Try not to ever get smited for the dds and try to keep an eye on who has pid. Hit splats indicate who has pid, if they appear instantly on the hit animiation that means.

4, more practice and more youtube videos you will get yourself improved on osrs pK.

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