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How to Level up Attack fast in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape obviously uses all of the old mechanics and systems that the original version of RuneScape had and that is including the combat for the game. However, despite the system being much older in comparison to the newer version of RuneScape, there are a number of different ways to grind that attack stat of yours up without wasting hours upon hours on end that won't completely warrant you tearing your hair out.

How to Level up Attack fast in Old School RuneScape

Level 1 – 10

When you first start out, you're not going to have much to train on whether you like that fact or not. There are a couple of different mobs you can go up against to efficiently level up your attack without it grinding to a halt.

First and foremost, you will want to regularly go against chickens and cows! These 2 animals don't put up much of a fight, they can quickly level up your attack stat if you stick with it for long enough, and by the time they drop to the ground, they've got some nice items that you can pick up – like hide – and that can be used to level up "money-making" stats later in the game when you're willing to put the work in for it.

The alternative to this method is by quickly running over the very first bridge you seen in the game to try and challenge some goblins, a creature that can drop a number of useful items to use to make money and will also provide you with nice attack stat upgrades. Unfortunately, if you're on an overpopulated server, you probably won't be the only one going after these goblins, so it can get rather irritating having to fight with other players to slay these goblins. The upside to this, however is that goblins don't take particularly long to respawn anyways, so if you're lucky enough to be on when no one else is, you're going to be reaching level 10 for your attack incredibly quickly.

Level 10 – 19

To keep yourself safe, before embarking any further on grinding up your attack stat, it might be an idea to do some fishing and cooking, just in case you need a quick heal. Plus, at the end of the day, you're getting a few extra stats here and there to help you out in the long run.

Between these levels, I recommend walking out of Lumbridge Castle and turn to your right, walk through the oncoming graveyard, and keep on the pathway until you come across some giant rate: your next combatants that you're going to want to focus on for a little while.

These giant rats are a great thing to train against for a couple of good reasons: they drop raw meat that you can then cook to upgrade your cooking stat, and they are also spread out all across this area and it's next to impossible not to find one in your eyesight. Keep this up for a little while and you'll reach level 19 with ease; not to mention that you're cooking stat will be going up along with this to make things just that little bit better overall.

Level 20 – 39

Head over to the Al Kharid palace and head into the rooms on the east or the west and you will come across some Al Kharid Warriors that you're going to be fighting against for a little while.

Do Be Aware: In this area, you can be attacked by more than one warrior at a time, so you should be wary of just how many warriors you have around you before you pick a fight.

Similar to all the other combatants you come across, keep at them and you should get to your desired level before too long. If your defence is lower than level 20 you're going to be in a bit of a tough spot, but the second it goes over that number you won't have anything at all to worry about. The likelihood of them landing a single hit on you is close-to zero, so you haven't got much to worry about before too long.

Level 40 – 50

For these levels, I would recommend heading straight to the entrance of Falador or the entrance of Varrock and you will come in contact with guards that you can fight. These guards don't put up much of a fight at this level, but can catch you off-guard if you're not playing smart to begin with. After you get through defence stat 40, however and they're not going to be landing many more hits on you, thankfully; it's just the run-up to that stat that can make things difficult to begin with.

Before too long, you will quickly start to gain some momentum and these guards will go down in little more than a couple of hits, so you'll be hitting that threshold quite quickly.

Level 50+

For this final level threshold, you're going to want to make your way to the 4th death level of Security Stronghold, where inside you will find these creatures known as Ankou's. These guys can seriously hit against you quite hard, so you're going to want to go into this combatant with a nice stack of food on you – just in case something goes wrong. You may not enjoy the idea of having to pay for food or putting the work in to gain it; the value of their drops is vast and quickly outweighs the expense of paying for any food.

Basically, keep whacking your sword at them until they drop to the floor, pick up their loot, rinse and repeat! Keep this up and before too long you are going to have a considerably high attack stat that would make any in-game mob tremble at the very sight of you.

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