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How much is runescape gold now adays?

The averge price for 1m Runescape GP 2007 is $3, so they make around $280 a day, and $7,700 a month, roughly, so they are only making a $5,700 profit, which is a lot, but isnt that much more than the average person that gets payed a salary makes. its honestly not worth it unless you're a teenager.

Runescape GP

Banned bots, ect, im a say about 28 good solid days a month for the bots to go, so thats 80 x 28. So thats  2.2B a month, how much is runescape gold now adays? I'll go do the math and be back.

130 bots, that means $8 a month for each, plus the VPS/Dedicated server hes running all of the bots on so that he do sent get traced or banned. Thats $1,040 a month, to have 130 bots, and VPS's/Dedi servers big enough to run stuff like this can be worth more than 500 a month so the rs gold farmers paying aronud $2,000 a month just to run all of this, and 80m a day from the bots altogether, plus down days(updates for the bot client, the bot itself, jagex updates to the game, game down time, mistakes.

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